Ecometalex Kft, as of its 2002 foundation is primarily a waste and scrap manegment service provider for the industry. We are not dealing with communal scrap collection.

Our main profile is the trade of different sorts of ferrous and non ferrous scrap with a focus on special alloys. Our monthly manipulated tonnage is around 1500-2000 mT.  In 2013 we collected/traded 21 420 mT.

Our competitive prices are guaranteed because of direct contacts to foundries, steel mills and mixing stations and as well as our low operational costs.

For to fulfil the needs of our contracted partners at the highest possible leve for the time being we are operating with 10 employees and using 5 different specialized subcontractors.

In 2008 we opened our yard in Csömör, right next to the Budapest ringroad, where all operation, beside flamecutting, which is subcontracted, is handled by our machinery and employees. We use our own, new fleet of cointainers but the transportation itself is subcontracted in order delivery/transportation on time is never hindered by technical difficulties.

Our annual turnover in year 2013 was was 2bn HUF (app. 7 m €). In the past years our profitability ratio vis a vis turnover was ranging between 8-12%. Our company is free of any public dues and taxes and is registered that way at the NTCA.